Jul 1, 2022 • 3M

Who Told You That (Mavis Staples demo)

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Jeff Tweedy | Starship Casual
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A bonus song and post for this week, since I only posted once last week. This is for all of the people feeling a deep, maddening sense of “I told you so!” after years of being called alarmists, etc. 

Judging by the replies to Monday’s post, I’d say our little community here, as sad and wounded as we all are in the wake of these truly devastating SC decisions, feels as thoughtful, loving and connected as ever. Stronger even. Thank you for letting me be a part of your world, everyone.

Look out for people asking for you to surrender your power and/or advocating helplessness. Those voices are not to be trusted. Our communities are only as strong as our belief in each other and our willingness to act on each other’s behalf. OxO

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I forgot to ask permission to post Susie’s rage-craft on Monday. These new, amended buttons are 100% approved. Ya know, if we can amend Susie’s buttons surely we can expand the SC (not Starship Casual, the other, much more troublesome SC) to align with the 13 circuit courts we currently have, right?!? | Photo credit: Susie Tweedy

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