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I love Television. I love Tom Verlaine. A lot of people rightfully think of him mostly for his guitar playing, but I can’t think of a song better than…
If you haven’t heard it already, Elyse Weinberg's song “Houses” is an amazing song that a lot of people have been covering lately, even though it was…
Chit-Chat Check-In #58: Cruel Country! + “Tonight’s the Day (Sun Soup)” & "Base of My Skull (anon lyrics)"Watch now (2 min) | “Tonight’s the Day (Sun Soup)” Continue below for the early iPhone demo of “Base of my Skull”, which turned into “Bird Without a…
A night that needs to be memorialized on the ol’ Substack. Enjoy these photos and tunes from Carol’s Pub in Chicago, plus bonus Chit-Chat with Thee…
I played this song (poorly) on The Tweedy Show the other night. I suppose the idea was that I wanted the moon to have a song to sing. Of course, the…
Helpless (Neil Young cover by Sammy Tweedy)
The Late Greats (featuring Spencer Tweedy on drums)
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