Unreleased songs, demos and more.

Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell cover)Listen now (3 min) | Thanks again for all the great requests! There are too many good ones to choose from, so I picked one of the first I came across…
Country Song Upside-Down (out May 27)Listen now (3 min) | + GEAR TALKIN’™️ #6 1964 Gibson B-45 12 string
Ambulance (out May 27)Listen now | with bonus "I Love..."
Cruel Country (out May 27)Listen now | Yesterday we announced a new Wilco album—Cruel Country. It has 21 songs on it. “Leave them wanting less”, as we always say. Anyway, I…
Sow Good Seeds (rough mix with guide vocal)Listen now (3 min) | This is a track Spencer and I created with a guide vocal for Mavis, so she could later record it for her album, One True Vine. It’s…
Not Saying Anything (demo)Listen now (4 min) | Been real busy in NYC playing YHF. Here’s a demo of a new tune to TYO (tide you over) ‘til some more substantive posting!
Story To Tell (demo)Listen now | "Story to Tell (demo)"
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