Chit-Chat Check-In #21: HomeListen now (3 min) | How are ya’ll feeling? What are you thinking? Do you have any suggestions for songs? Last time one of you suggested “Heroes” by Bowie. Here’s how that turned out. Song(s) coming behind the paywall later this week. This Week In Wilco, Etc. 1993 / January 23:
Chit-Chat Check-In #20: WavesListen now 
Progress Report: Lou Reed Was My Babysitter (no doo-wop)Listen now (3 min) | Pretty early in the pandemic, I was already missing live music. Eventually I started missing even the things I used to hate about…
Chit-Chat Check-In #19: Doo-wopListen now | I’ll be releasing a little doo-wop behind the paywall tomorrow. 
I Hate… …when I was growing up, each member of my family absolutely detested their counterpart in our next-door neighbors' family.
with bonus GEAR TALKIN'™️ #4
Hey everybody, I’ll be sharing an unreleased take of an old song and a mini GEAR TALKIN’™️ tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a new sub-section for the…
After all these years, I finally figured out I should start numbering the daily poems I write.
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