Chit-Chat Check-In #38: It's Never Over

with bonus "I Hate..."


I Hate..

1. Samuel Alito
2. Clarence Thomas
3. Brett Kavanaugh
4. Neil Gorsuch
5. Amy Coney Barrett
6. John Roberts

My wife made these. Rage crafting lives. | Photo credit: Susie Tweedy

Now that that’s out of the way…

I was going to share an early demo of "Falling Apart (Right Now)" on Friday, but then...everything fell apart, and it felt like an inappropriate time to share it. Friday's Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade created an appropriate time for everyone to be falling apart.

If you're anything like my family, my friends, my band, and my community, it was a real gut punch to absorb. I've been feeling despair, and I'm willing to admit it. But I'm not willing to admit that I'm hopeless, because I refuse to be hopeless.

As a person with a lot of privilege in this world, I'm in a position to contribute more. And I will. Part of being a community is letting everybody know that we see each other, and feel each other's heartache, and witness each other's struggles. I feel that's a really good reason for me to remain hopeful. Because I can.

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