Jan 1, 2022 • 6M

Heroes (Bowie cover)

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Jeff Tweedy | Starship Casual
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Hello everyone! Wow! Thank you for all of the excellent song suggestions. I picked "Heroes" because I had a 12-string guitar handy and I was curious about how close I could get to replicating the beautiful drone-y nature of the original track. Love love love this song. The 7-inch record I have in my collection has it in English, French, and German along with "V-2 Schneider" on the B-side. Can’t remember exactly where I found it, but it must have been in the used import bin at one of the record stores I “lived” at in the early eighties. I think it’s from Australia! One other thing worth sharing about this song—Wilco rehearsed a version for the covers night at Solid Sound a while back, but it didn’t end up getting played. 

Thank you again for all of the suggestions. It makes me feel some strange sense of communal pride seeing all of the great songs everyone is championing. Diverse and inclusive. No one telling anyone else that the tune they pitched is dogshit. Wild! How rare is that in the internet world? Don’t be surprised if you see some of these tunes played on a future episode of the Tweedy Show. Or maybe I’ll take a crack at another one on the Starship someday.

Carry-on, OxO Jeffy