Apr 29, 2022

Cruel Country (out May 27)

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Jeff Tweedy | Starship Casual
Unreleased songs, demos and more.
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Yesterday we announced a new Wilco album—Cruel Country. It has 21 songs on it. “Leave them wanting less”, as we always say. Anyway, I thought it might be nice to share a second song, since there are so many of them. “Falling Apart (Right Now)” is the name of the one we shared yesterday with the announcement (in case you missed it). This one is going behind the paywall, and it’s called “Cruel Country”, same as the album. Tweedy Show clients might remember it under the title “Choir USA”. I’m also including a short introduction to the album I wrote for Wilco’s publicist to send out with promos, thought you might enjoy that as well. 

Thank you for listening. OxO Jeffy

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