"Tweedy thinks he can ‘double clap’"

What is “I Love…”?

I Love…

…my bandmates in Wilco. And how they all take the job of being in a stupid rock band with enough seriousness to push forward with gusto, always on the lookout for new ways to challenge ourselves and grow. But not so serious that the whole idea of it isn’t still funny. 

…that I was once reprimanded by none other than Yvonne Staples (Mavis’s sis) for thinking I could “double clap.” During an overdub session for one of Mavis’s LPs that I produced, I slyly threw in a couple syncopated extra claps in between the group claps we were recording. “Tweedy thinks he can ‘double clap’ now.” I stopped. Rest easy, Yvonne. 

…Le Ren’s new single and video “Dyan”. Such a sweet tribute. More songs about loving our Moms, please!

…feeling like I’m emerging from a warm swimming pool, fully clothed, at the end of 90-minute outdoor sets in the summertime.

…oranges. I didn’t think I did. But I do. I love them. My wife thinks it’s a “bit.” But it’s true. I just never noticed.

…reading the sweet comments everyone has been sharing after these posts.

…when it’s raining. But not when there’s too much to play music outside. Take it down a notch, weather!