Chit-Chat Check-In #33: Babbling by a Babbling Brook


It’s been a while since I’ve answered your questions and given advice, and/or asked Susie how wrong my advice and responses are.

So let's get started again, and this time, I'll answer soon ... and maybe not just in the comments, but in a more interactive way. Now's your chance, so go ahead and ask in the comments below. I'm here with Spencer, my hiking buddy, ready to advise ...

Guy claims he’s a prince. I kissed him. Nothing.

This Week In Wilco, Etc.

1999 / May 23: Wilco appears on the KCRW program The Open Road in Santa Monica, CA. They play three songs, “Cars Can’t Escape,” “We’re Just Friends”, and “Another Man’s Done Gone.”

2022 / May 27: Wilco kicks off the seventh Solid Sound Festival in North Adams, MA. 

1990 / May 28: Uncle Tupelo performs an acoustic set at Cicero’s Basement Bar in St. Louis, MO