Alf Tattoo

I Love…

…the quick precise click of an almond cleaved into perfect halves between my upper and lower front teeth.

.…that I still think of sheets and blankets as “bed clothes”.

…all of the pure joy captured in this Parquet Courts video, not to mention the lyrical righteousness!

…knowing my sister will always think of me as her baby brother.

…the inexhaustible inspiration Ubuweb provides. Just staggering to think of all of the concepts, poetry, art, and information I’ve been exposed to through this incredible website. All in all, I’d say this site alone almost makes the tragedy that is the internet worthwhile.

…how weird everyone is. Spend some time getting to know anyone more than just in passing — like that neighbor you think is just an average sports fan kinda “guy’s guy”? Yeah him. Well, he has given every squirrel on your block a name, and he maintains a database of their family trees. And has done so for the past decade. That woman behind you in line? Alf tattoo.