Psychotic Referendum

What is “I Love…”?

I Love…

…knowing my brother-in-law Bruce had a band in high school named Psychotic Referendum and that in order to get booked to play Bozo the Clown on WGN in the late 60’s, they were forced to change their name. And The Inscrutable Ambiguities being the name settled upon for their one and only television performance.

…how every new album by the band Iceage gets more sophisticated and mature without losing an ounce of their initial kinetic energy and spontaneity. Pretty rare these days for “rock music” to be made with any kind of spirited attitude. All of their records have bucketloads of spite and liberty.

…that auto-correct thinks I’m a French wedding planner and keeps changing the word “new” to “née.”

…to think about responding to trolls online by commenting under their posts with an animation of three dots blinking on an endless loop (you know, an “I’m typing” gif) and picturing them waiting and waiting and waiting…

…everything Cate Le Bon makes.

…the sweet and curious unforced habit both of our sons have of saying “I love you” before hanging up on any phone call with us. No matter how short — no matter how angry. Always “I love you” click. Even brother to brother. EVEN during early adolescence in front of classmates. Unabashed. I love you.