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Chit-Chat Check-In #23: In the Studio with Wilco


This Week In Wilco, Etc.

1999 / February 8: Wilco plays at GLR Studios in London, where they perform "She's a Jar" and "How to Fight Loneliness".

2010 / February 10: Wilco performs at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. Califone opens and Bill Frisell and Scott McCaughey sit in on "California Stars".

2021 / February 11: Jeff debuts the song "Lou Reed Was My Babysitter" on The Tweedy Show #149.

Starship Casual
Chit-Chat Check-In
These posts will be mostly presented as audio files. In most cases it’ll be just me giving you a little update (i.e. where I am, how things are going, etc.) I hope to also have some Chit-Chat Check-In with other people I’m around (i.e. bandmates, friends, family, strangers — and hopefully the occasional check-in will be with some of you Starship Casual clients, too.)
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