This section is where I’ll be sharing, you got it, memories. Wait, “Aren’t these just stories?,” you ask. Well, yes, as memories are relayed to the world outside of ourselves, they often take the shape of stories.

“Bingo, Chet, and Lionel” — Mike Heidorn’s (Uncle Tupelo’s original drummer) sincerely sung and believed-to-be lyrics to “Jet Airliner” by the Steve Mi…
When I was around 9 years old my mother read about something called “Tree House Camp” in the local paper, noticed that it was very close to where she w…
….when the early three-piece version of Uncle Tupelo lived together in an apartment/rehearsal space our rent was $80 a month. We had to find a fourth r…
Being awakened by an incredibly loud fire alarm mere minutes after dozing off in a large Scottish hotel.
Being told by the ticket agent at O’Hare that my passport had expired mere days before the date on my ticket. 
Jack Johnson and his family on bicycles being some of the first people we see upon arriving in Honolulu for a solo show. 
Wondering why I can write with my shoes off now when I never could concentrate shoeless until just a few years ago. 
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