Dear Jeffy (Go Ask Susie)

This is my advice column. From time to time I’ll dig through the old mail bag for clients’ missives soliciting advice. Once I’ve found an intriguing question, I’ll do my best to steer said client in a positive direction. And then I’ll go ask my wife Susie what she thinks. Thus, a guaranteed genuine quality sage advice product will be imparted. While also hopefully sidestepping the inevitable legal issues. (We really would like to avoid activating Starship Casual Legal.)

Can Jeff Zumba?Hiiiii! Susie here. Jeffy and I are ready to answer more of your questions. So what do you want to know? Dumb things Jeff does? Annoying things …
Advice on Vocals, Confidence & Band Names
Dear Jeffy (Go Ask Susie) Remember the advice column I told you about last month?