Chit-Chat Check-In

These posts will be mostly presented as audio files. In most cases it’ll be just me giving you a little update (i.e. where I am, how things are going, etc.) I hope to also have some Chit-Chat Check-In with other people I’m around (i.e. bandmates, friends, family, strangers — and hopefully the occasional check-in will be with some of you Starship Casual clients, too.)

Chit-Chat Check-In #11: Co-Pilot at Best Listen now | I forgot to say “carry on” and I think recording another check-in would sound forced. So…carry on. 
Chit-Chat Check-In #10: Viva Las VegasListen now | We've yet to unlock all the secrets of how and why these were built.
Chit-Chat Check-In #9: 🍇Listen now | This taco truck is near the venue in Napa where Wilco is playing tonight. I'm sure the tacos are delicious but I have no affiliation. 
Chit-Chat Check-In #8: Weird, but Joyous Listen now | New surprise song tomorrow or maybe Friday. The timing will be a surprise, too. Subscribe if you like surprises.
Chit-Chat Check-In #7: No Sleep Till BrooklynNo Sleep Till Brooklyn (except for the sensible 8 hours I look forward to tonight...).
Chit-Chat Check-In #6: You Folks Need a Lot of HelpSaw this Omphalotus olearius (Jack-O-Lantern) on my walk today. If you see one of these DO NOT EAT. Looks like a Chanterelle but is NOT a Chanterelle. 
Chit-Chat Check-In #5: Everybody's ExcitedListen now | More content coming behind the paywall tomorrow. Subscriptions appreciated.
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