A Good Pair of Ears (Rememories 6)

What is a rememory?

Being told by the ticket agent at O’Hare that my passport had expired mere days before the date on my ticket. Abbey Road mastering session set to begin in 18 hours.

Going straight from O’Hare to the Federal Building downtown to get in line for an expedited passport renewal. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot master tapes in tow.

After 6 hours downtown, heading back to O’Hare with shiny new expedited miracle passport to catch the overnight flight to London Heathrow.

Taking a black cab directly from Heathrow to Abbey Road. Somehow arriving only an hour late.

Good news — being sort of on time with YHF reels intact.
Bad news — cabin pressure on the flight had rendered me deaf in my right ear. Miserable and frustrated.

Meeting and informing mastering engineer Steve Rook of my monophonic hearing situation. “Steve, I’m afraid I won’t be of much value today. I can only hear out of my left ear.”

“Well Jeff, we should be fine because I can only hear with my right ear. Let’s sit side by side and between us we’ll have a good pair of ears,” Steve Rook said dryly.

Hearing what he said again in my mind — this time in an exaggerated “Beatles” voice as I tried to conceal the effort I’d already made to scoot my chair next to his at the desk.

Ahhhh… the British.

Abbey Road!

ps. No beers were consumed by Jeffy.