Country Disappeared (acoustic)Listen now (4 min) | Sometimes when we are setting up sounds and working on new songs, an old song will pop into our heads like this one did. Can’t imagine why this one would be in the front of our minds. Country Disappeared Wake up, we’re here It’s so much worse than we feared
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Chit-Chat Check-In #15 / Dear Jeffy (Go Ask Susie) Pt. 2Listen now (14 min) | Last call for Founding Memberships. To further support the Starship and to get in on extra perks, sign up by Monday, Nov. 29.
Scott the Hoople (early version) Listen now (3 min) | I could write a million words about my love for Scott McCaughey, and I probably will someday. But today, I’d just like to share th…
Chit-Chat Check-In #14: Brain Trust LunchListen now | Thinking about sticking this guy on some stuff. Would you wear him? Like on a hat, say? 
I love… …the quick precise click of an almond cleaved into perfect halves between my upper and lower front teeth. 
I'd Rather Be Alone (first draft)Listen now (3 min) | This was my first attempt at writing a straight, old-style country jukebox hit. I wrote it around the beginning of the pandemic an…
Chit-Chat Check-In #13: Wilco University Listen now (2 min) | Song coming behind the so-called paywall tomorrow. Carry on.
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